Friday, June 19, 2009

Living Room Mock Up

(sofa and chandelier from Anthropologie, arm chair and silk curtains from Pottery Barn, Thomas Paul rug, hooks and curtain tie-back from Urban Outfitters, alpaca wool throw from Crate and Barrel, mirrored tray and ballerina statue from ZGallerie, the lock print is from the vintage moth, the coffee set and pillow are mine, and I apologize, but I cannot remember where I saw the keys)

I finally sat down with photoshop and all the items and images I was looking at for our living room and made a mock up. Because we don't know if we will be in a place that will let us paint, I left that out. And I still need to find a coffee table and small unit to put the t.v. on that fits this style of room.

I love, LOVE tufted furniture, and G gave it a thumbs up. Anthropologie has this sofa in both the blue and a natural linen. G voted for the natural linen, but gave in when he saw the mock up. It adds some color, and we can keep the arm chairs neutral. The pillows we already have will be sat on the chairs to give them some lower back cushioning.

I love the ballet figure. I have always loved to dance, and would love to find an adult ballet class to get into. I'm not usually one for figurines (we bought an Iladro figure for our cake topper and now it sits on our vanity in the bedroom, but I am always terrified I am gonna knock it over), however I love how this one looks.

All of the key and lock items would be overkill, but I was showing G the ideas, so I left them all in. Because we're a military family, we will be moving a lot. A LOT. And G loves old keys (and I must admit I am a sucker for them too). So when I saw all of the door knob and key items I knew he would love incorporating them into the living space. We're also borrowing an idea from John and Sherry over at This Young House and making a display of the places we've lived. Sadly, I don't have one of my apt. I was living in when G and I began dating, but we have ones from each of our parents homes, this house, and we'll continue to add to the collection as we move all over the country (and world!). I would really love to find a great carved frame to spray paint white and then display the keys under glass.

The chandelier is a wee bit out of our price range, but since we both thought it was awesome (very over the top art deco era-ish) we added it to the mock-up. Who knows, we might just find something like it, or save like mad men.

The peacock blue throw is a good thing to add a brighter punch of color, but also I love it because it's alpaca wool. Here's the thing: we have an organic farm/nursery school near base. They have alpacas of all different colors. Kalee loves these alpacas. Kalee loves them so much that every time we drive by she calls out to them. And yes, I am speaking in third person.

The rug obviously ties in with our coffee set. We figure if we end up not loving it in the living room that we will put it in the dining room under the table and chairs.

And I love the mirrored tray. I plan on sitting it on the coffee table or ottoman permanently with a stack of books or something. I also want some mercury glass votives. And we are planning on putting a big mirror in the living room as well, but haven't chosen between some strong contenders.

Overall I am just really thrilled to be able to actually plan a bit. It helps things seem more real.


  1. Love your mock up!

  2. You had me at "tufted" =] I LOVE your plans. It's timeless w/ a dash of luxe vintage glam!!

    And I have a draft in my blog "inbox" of those gorgeous Urban Outfitters keys/locks b/c when I saw them last week, they've been chasing me in my sleep! Please get them so I can live vicariously thru you. LOL!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm working on others for our home, so stay tuned for that.

    And I love LOVE the UO key/locks and door handles. I'm planning on ordering them very soon!