Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Days

Things had been so stressful lately, I was sure they must begin looking up.  Well, Javelin gave us a gift voucher for 20 pounds, and called today to say that they will be calling tomorrow, hopefully with news, about trying to get the VAT back for us on the jacket, which will be a nice bonus.

I've been horribly upset about the idea of sending Sophie home 2 months early.  She doesn't do well without me, I'm afraid.  But yesterday we found out that not only does Continental fly her breed year round, whereas other airlines won't fly them if it's over 85F, that it will actually be substantially less than I originally thought it would be.

The biggest disappointment lately was that we will not be staying here another few years.  Garret had an opportunity, but in the end it just wasn't going to work.  However, we are both very excited to be moving to Maryland.  I cannot wait to explore the city and make new friends!  And I must confess I am thrilled to be moving away from so many sheep and pig farms. It's quaint, but I am ready for a more busy setting.   

I've been cooking up a storm lately, trying to clean out the pantry.  The other night I decided to make red beans and rice with cornbread, but the cornbread turned out so well that we skipped the rice.  I did change a lot of the recipe when I made it (adding various things and omitting others) but it turned out phenomenal!  If you would like to know how I made it, please let me know!  Garret made sweet tea and we danced around the kitchen while listening to Marc Broussard, a Louisiana musician.  

Then we headed outside with some sweet tea and my white hat to keep Sophie company while she gnawed on her first real bone.  Sillyness ensued as we decided to play photographer, but I captured an amazing shot of my husband!

I also put together a yummy antipasto platter with prosciutto, salami, juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and drizzle of olive oil.  Garret grilled some ciabatta bread, and we sipped on some Veuve Cliquot we had opened the day before.  

And lastly, we found some amazing cherries at the market, and I barely kept from eating them all!  I made myself take a photo before I devoured them.  Hopefully we will be getting more tomorrow!


  1. I love the two pictures of Garret! And you and the cherries look pretty good, too. lol

  2. Most of the time when I know about couples like you it makes me want to throw up. But I just think you two are so stinkin cute. I love reading about what you are doing. I hope that doesn't make me a creeper ;)

  3. Laura~

    Ha! No, that doesn't make you a creeper. And thanks for telling us we're stinkin cute. Usually we make people gag, so we're used to that reaction! You need to write a blog (and write in it). Whatever happened to your photography? I loved your photographs!

  4. I love the look of that antipasto platter and the champagne - I want to come round for a lazy spring day and eat!

    But I guess that won't be happening in the UK now! But I'll look forward to hearing about your adventures back in the US.

    And great news about Sophie and the flights back.