Monday, June 15, 2009

Wee Art Cards

A blog that I have loved ever since I started mine is Chic Mummy.  Sarah is a stay at home mom to two wonderful toddlers in Australia.  She did a giveaway with Wee Art Cards and I won!  I cannot tell you how thrilled I was, they are wonderful black and white cards with a squirrel, butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, bird and a worm.  Super cute, and I really think a baby will love looking at them.  They are made of heavy cardboard and have a matte lamination on them, making them durable for babies.  (I think if you have a particularly drool lovin' baby, you could probably take them and have them laminated more heavily). I really want their original collection, because it has an elephant, snail, and owl in that one, and those are all animals that will be special to our kids for various reasons (I love elephants, and one of my nicknames has something to do with escargot-----but not because I'm slow!).   

Also, while exploring their site I found they have some freebies to download.  They have a test print with a lamb (with both the black/white and white/black sides) to print out on cardstock and use as you will.  I think that would be great if you wanted to see if they even interested your child.  They also have iron on patches to print out in both the lamb and butterfly.  For those of you interested in decorating kids clothing yourself, this would be fun!  If you have 2 young children you could do matching shirts in opposite colors!

Their site is a UK one, but I know that Land of Nod has some of their cards (not all, but 4 different sets) and that they have a store on Amazon that has all of them.  

I think you can do so many things with their designs, and once we are beginning our family I will be doing some projects with them and sharing those with all of you!

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  1. Those cards would be great for Rosie!! How can I get some? Lilly's room is being done with flowers and ladybugs!