Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened When It Rained

This past Sunday G and I decided to play hooky from church.  It sounds bad, but we both had horrible hacking coughs and noses that had minds of their own, and since our lovely church has so many ways of contaminating others, we thought we would be nice.  

So we headed to the French Market a bit early.  It wasn't as big as I had hoped, possibly because it was pouring, but eh, it was an adventure right?  We went and got some hot yummy potato dish to share, picked up a few homemade sausages (which was hilarious, because I was trying to gather the sellers attention in French when he was walking away before I got my full order, so I was dripping wet yelling, "Non, non, trois, trois, s'il vous plait!"), and considered spending a crazy amount of money on cheese (we ended up deciding to wait).  Walked back to the car in the rain munching on a croissant that was divine.

Then we decided to stop off at the Portuguese place for some coffee to warm up.  It was the first time I had the camera with me, so I snapped away.

That night I made wood pigeon for dinner.  I nearly had a heart attack doing it, because all the recipes and instructions I could find had varying oven temps and times.  In the end we cooked it for about 45 minutes.  I had roasted some baby potatoes beforehand, and while the pigeons cooked I sauteed up some green beans with onions and garlic.  The pigeon made me feel medieval since it was a bit hard to get to all the meat, but it was fantastic.  Too bad I haven't been able to find an online place to order them for when we move back to the US. 
And then this last pic is not of Sunday, but of Tuesday night when I was making funnel cakes and I might have powder sugared my dog.  She loves powder sugar (and flour, basically any white powder, which causes me to worry that some drug pushing dog will get her hooked on other powders, but I need to breath and trust that she will just say no!) and so I was tapping some out onto the floor when she saw me and got in the way.  She looked like she had a superhero mask on

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  1. 1) I love all the colors in these pictures! They are so bright and lovely.
    2) You're husband and you are just too cute. The kissing in the rain is lovely!
    3) I've never had pigeon, interesting. Glad to hear it's good. Might have to try that sometime.
    4) Your dog is cute!

    Ok... I'm done!