Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy As A Bee

Well, yesterday and today I am in a cleaning frenzy trying to prepare for the antiques assessor to come this afternoon to assess some damage from 2 years ago (yes we procrastinate like no other). This mainly means moving boxes out of the way for the guy to get a gander. And I am cleaning out some drawers on my vanity because there is damage and it's easier to see without the things in there.

G has this week off to help out preparing for the move. We're looking into homes to buy in Maryland (yes, we realize we're crazy, but we figure there's a good chance we'll be there longer than 4 years.....it's a black hole for his career field). So we have to look into lenders and mortgages (because we didn't save enough to even touch much of a down payment there, we were saving for more reasonable areas of the country). And we've found a cute little old home that a little old man has been living in and taking care of (and yes, he's adorable, he's peeking into the room in one of the shots!). It's exciting and terrifying, and I will probably end up being my reasonable self and saying we should wait a bit. But it's got 4 little bedrooms, and a big backyard with plenty of room for the dogs, future children, a garden and it even has the equipment to hang clothes outside to dry in the sunshine!.

( I Had to show the picture of my new grey and white striped cardigan. I found it at a charity shop for less than 4 pounds!)

We've also bought a painting by a local artist from a charity shop. We said no the first time we saw it because the composition will be difficult to fit into our aesthetic. However a few days later it was still haunting us because we loved the colors. We decided to go back and see if it was still there. It was, so we brought it home. I want to paint the frame white to bring out the snow on the mountains. And I figure if we end up not knowing where to put it we will sell it. The artists name and address is on the back so I plan on writing to her to ask her about the painting.

This photo doesn't really do the painting justice as it makes it appear flat. In reality is very clear, almost like a photo, and it draws your eye to it anytime you're near it!

Oh, and here's how the tea trolley looks temporarily as I try and figure out what on earth I want to do with it!

Other than that we have been preparing for our first real big move. It's overwhelming and exciting. And I cannot wait to make a whole new slew of friends in Maryland!

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  1. Good luck with all of that! It's always such a crazy time, I hope it all goes well for you.