Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cuteness With A Side of Spicy

Me: "I know, I know, I'm a bleeding heart liberal."

G: "That's okay, I love you for it."

Me: "You love my bleeding heart."

True love people. True love.

G's sister and I got into a rousing debate on facebook (ain't it grand) about Obama's policy, politics in general, falsehoods, etc. A.K.A. I made a comment on my profile that she disagreed with and proceed to wax on. I had two choices, let it go or respond. Realizing she would most likely take my silence as a won battle (and I am never silent anyways, who am I kidding?), I responded. She responded back, and I responded again. Suffice to say we will never be at the same political parties unless one of us is protesting. And that's okay. I used to be a political science student. I can debate for hours. Literally, ask G, hours.

Garret and I are an odd couple. I had made contacts through a yahoo group for the spouses here before I arrived and one member had seen my myspace with some wedding pics. Let's just say we looked like an odd couple. I love G, and he's come far, but he is and always will be a geek. And that's my geek so watch it!

However when we first got together he was a libertarian atheist (more agnostic, but we're going with his dogtag title). I was a bleeding heart liberal democrat and a Catholic. While we were engaged we could easily sit for 5 hours on the phone paying international rates to debate these particular views. In the end we both won the other over. G's a Catholic, and I lean more towards the libertarian side of things. But I am, and always will be a bleeding heart liberal. It's just me, who I am, and it's never going to change. And I also have a tendency to be easily excitable in debating. So his poor sister chose the wrong person to debate (*cough* attack ----G's words, not mine). I have my beliefs, you have yours. I am willing to never post anything on your page criticizing yours, but if you choose to not follow the same policy, I reserve the right to argue till the cows come home.

Perhaps we should have warned her?


  1. Kalee--Yes I read and enjoy your blog. You do realize that the dictionary definition of "bleeding heart liberal" has a picture of your Aunt Kathy.


  2. I laughed so hard when I read this! It doesn't surprise me one bit.