Friday, July 10, 2009

24 Days and Counting

So, I feel like I'm Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. In the tornado part. I'm still waiting for the fun, colorful wake up to cute singing munchkins part. I mean, when we move to MD, I am fully expecting the Welcome Wagon to be a lot like the Lollypop Guild.

So last night in an attempt at resembling a great wife I decided to make puff pastry with nectarines. We had picked up 4 packages of nectarines (with 8-9 nectarines in each) for $0.59 each. Great deal, so I picked up some puff pastry (it contained margarine as it's main ingredient, the first time I failed to check in a long time, so next time I will make my own), and away I went.

Quickly I should note that I really am a huge fan of fruits and vegetables. We've already eaten 3 of those lovely nectarine packages (yes, that means we overeat fruit and can safely say we got our daily allotment of fruit and fiber in). If it came between cookies and fruit, 9/10 times I would choose fruit. But I do not like cooked peaches, nectarines, or berries with the lovely exception of my blueberry muffins.

I tried to scallop the edge as the recipe said, but once cooked you couldn't see a thing.

So I made these little buggers. And they were okay. The freezer boxed version of the puff pastry was almost literally tasteless. And as mentioned I was not a huge fan of the cooked nectarines. Garret agreed about the pastry but loved them. I found that I loved them better cold this morning, so maybe it's just hot, overcooked nectarines I don't like? (these were ripe, so a pain to get off the pit and they cooked quickly, so next time I think I will buy them under ripe and see how that goes)


  1. OMG, yum. I've got to make a point to cook more. I wish they had housewife classes here!

  2. I know how you feel - the tonado in the Wizard of Oz bit, I mean! In fact to keep sane I have started a "when work finishes" list. It is helping me to realise that it's ok that I don't get everything done at the moment, somethings can wait 'til the holidays. I realise it's the opposite for you - things must be done before you move! Good luck with everything.