Friday, July 10, 2009

Shoe Love

Once upon a time Kalee was a crazy college student. She had a mild addiction to shoes and purses, and well, everything to do with dressing up and looking cute. When she moved into the real world and was preparing to marry G she kind of got over her love for those things. She dressed to go to work in sensible loafers and carried a handbag large enough to carry everything for planning the wedding, a large bottle of evian and the essentials.

Now, 3 years later, her love has slowly come back. She picks up cute shoes occasionally if the price is right (still saving for those shoes she loves but cost as much as a house payment). And she's picked up a few nice handbags to use in her (semi) grown-up life.

Well, a couple weeks ago she fell in love with a pair of shoes online. They were on sale, she asked G about them, and they both agreed that she needed them. They were loafers with a slight heel, but a cute chalky blue grey. For her they would be perfect for fall. For him, they were perfect for him liking the idea of her looking like a hot school teacher. And for a girl with size 10/11 feet they came in 10's but fit more like 10 1/2's or 11's. Sweet.

So here they are, in all of their her-husband-cannot-find-the-light-with-the-point-and-click-camera for the life of him glory.

(These are the Nonfiction Pumps from ModCloth. I think they only have one pair left, so I am glad I picked them up when I did!)


  1. Very cute with a retro vibe. Love them.

  2. Very cute - love the heel. I am a big fan of heels, but I still love the pointy toe on shoes. I think I feel more feminine in it? Then again, it's probably just getting used to the new fashion. In 6 months time I will probably be raving about the rounded toe and how cute it is!