Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dream Home

In a perfect world it would be simple to find your dream home, and affordable. But this is reality, and so we're looking for a will work for now, just give me something to paint home.

In our dream home you would have:

A huge front porch with room to sit and drink tea.
A beautiful foyer that opened up to a sweeping staircase.
A kitchen so big that I could have caterers in there no problem for a child's wedding someday.
A walk in pantry that kept cool year round.
A wine cellar.
A sitting room, parlor, office with french doors, and a family room somewhere a bit more comfy.
A library that is 1 1/2 stories tall.
A ballroom next to the library.
A dining room that would hold a table for 20 for the dinner parties I want to throw.
Wooden floors polished till they shine.
5+ bedrooms, with the master bedroom having a huge walk-in closet (think the size of a small bedroom), huge claw foot tub for 2, and a fireplace.
Vaulted ceilings.
And a huge yard that would be sectioned off into different areas such as a cutting garden, a walking garden, a vegetable garden, and perhaps a tennis court. Oh, and a place to play badminton and croquet.

We're old fashioned, no doubt about it. I basically want Gatsby. A huge home where I can always make friends and family feel welcome. Where we can throw a masked ball, or host a family member's wedding. We have big goals, we realize that. But every so often we talk about this list, and why we want to save money to someday come close.

For now we're looking at a tiny little cape cod house and a couple town/row homes in Baltimore. They aren't perfect, but they suit us for now. And something we can be paying on and painting is good enough.

For now.

Oh, and don't forget the old 1930's Ford. Our hometown parades always have a couple and I simply swoon! (photo found through yahoo)



  1. That is so funny, my dream home is becoming more and more old fashioned too. The new builds of today just like charm and character.

  2. Bobbi Janay~ I agree! Newer homes seem to be cookie cutter. I want some character in a home.

    Kristen~ Nope, not yet. We leave here in 3 weeks, and will be in MD in about a month and a half (although we will probably be up there dealing with real estate beforehand).

  3. I like the older homes too. I liked your comment on my blog about the house you are looking at. I totally appreciate those vintage touches.

  4. I love the idea of your dream house - especially the Library. I used to see the library in the movie My Fair Lady (with the sliding ladder along the book shelves and spiral staircase coming down from the top levels) and want something like that - only with a fireplace, and rugs and a more cozy feel.

    I love the feeling of optimism in your post - that you will have all this someday, it's just a question of building to it. In fact, it's inspired me to think of my dream place now!