Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, it's official. Doctor's would probably lecture me on my caffeine intake. We're going through several 12 cup pots a day. What can I say, we're busy and it's been almost a comfort thing.

We dropped Sophie off very early this morning. In about an a hour and a half she'll be leaving Houston (where she's been the last 8 hours), to head to KC where my maman will pick her up. I'm supposed to get a call when she has her.

We didn't end up having to pick up the water bowls that were not provided with the crazy expensive kennel. The pet shippers messengered 2 heavy duty ones over to Heathrow for us for free. In the end I would say I do not like working with pet shippers, but there was no other way, so we did what we had to. I was just glad it ended up costing less than the 2 grand I was estimating. Absolute craziness (there was 200 Brit pounds that went to the people simply for booking everything, we dropped her off, carried the kennel into the warehouse at the airport. They got paid to literally book the flight). In the worst moments of stress I tried to reason with myself that we should find her a good home with kids here, but I don't trust others to treat her the way she's used to, so we kept her. I cannot wait to see her and Audrey in 2 weeks!

And lastly, here's the outfit I was going to wear yesterday, but ended up realizing it was too humid and ran it to change. I'm hoping for a date night before we leave here so I can wear it.

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