Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am an odd military wife. I realize that. I do not support the "war" in Iraq. I do, however, support the military members who get sent to those places. I mourn for their families when I hear of them coming home in a box. A few months ago a man stationed here died in action. When Garret told me, my heart seemed to stop. I didn't know this man. But my heart stopped for just a bit as I mourned, as I took a moment to say a prayer for his family.

I worry about military member's who come home dead. The protestors sicken me. I do not support the "war" but I would never ever think of not supporting the men and women involved. So when I saw the youtube video today I lost it. I cried, and then told Garret about it and we both cried as we watched the end. Staff Sergeant John C. Beale died in Afghanistan the beginning of June from wounds suffered from an explosive device and small arms fire. A notice was placed in the paper of the route and approx. time of his procession. The online community called for people to come out and honor him. I don't think they ever expected the result.

I am proud that these men, women, and children came out to bid a honorable farewell to a man who gave his life for this country's freedom. I was shocked to see people lined up through different towns and counties. This is something I feel people need to see. Whatever your views of the military and Iraq, this man deserved to be honored, and I thank God that he was properly. I pray that his family is comforted by this outpouring of support from the people in Georgia.

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