Friday, July 31, 2009

In Transit

I am sitting her at the community center on base, using their free wireless. G is drinking his cafe latte that I added some cocoa powder to. Yum! We're in the base hotel until Sunday when we head to London. And then we have a whole day of flying on Monday. It's a crazy thought for the both of us that we'll be back in the US in just a few days.

The move was crazy! The movers were at our house from 9 am until 6 pm! And in the end it started raining, they didn't have enough crates (apparently a problem they've been having lately with their surveyor not estimating enough), and they forgot my cookie sheets. So today or tomorrow we'll be shipping cookie sheets, laundry detergent (I had a few bottles, what can I say, I buy in bulk!), and some other cleaning things they forgot and/or couldn't ship. We sold our car, so hopefully Blueberry (yes, we named our car) will love her new owner. Passed our air conditioner on to our neighbor, and sold what we could. We also donated a whole ton of things, so hopefully things will come in handy.

I wanted to address a few of the comments. First, yes I am so grateful for what I went through before Garret. He was amazing through it all, and that is why I finally saw him for the amazing man he is! Sometimes I regret giving my heart away to unworthy men, but my maman raised me to believe that everything happens for a reason. And while I think it's crap that I went through all the bad to get to the good, I don't know where I would be without the bad. Once I gave my heart to G I finally admitted I was in a major that I didn't love, trying to attain a degree just to please other people. He was the person who told me that it was okay to take a break (he had selfish reasons, he wanted to marry me!) but also because he saw the struggles of trying to be someone for everyone but who I was.

Next, pics of the outfit will be coming, I promise! Right now it's all packed up in my luggage. But G has the task of planning a date for us while we're at home, and I am getting all dressed up for it. Hopefully I'll be revealing a whole new me at the same time, as I continue to eat healthy, and I plan on chopping into my hair once we get home. I really wanted to post a pic before of the outfit, but with G busy outprocessing, and the movers, I just didn't get it done. So it will be a surprise!

This was our first big military move, and it was a doozy. Hopefully we'll get better at it over the years. But for now, it was fun to see G step up to the plate and pack galore while I napped. He ended up staying up for 38 hours straight! I have a funny story to post about that in just a bit!


  1. Kalee - all the best for your move! The hardest part is over - all that packing - so enjoy the travel, the hotel, the anticipation of returning 'home'. Looking forward to see how you make out in your new place. Patricia

  2. I can't believe how much you've done in just a few days! Amazing! Good luck for the flight and move home - are you still planning to wear the 'plane outfit' you were musing over a few weeks ago?


  3. Good Luck, I hope you have safe flights.