Friday, July 31, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday!

G has been through so much craziness lately. But in the end it was all worth it. Wednesday night we met with his co-workers to bowl and say goodbye. And he ended up getting a wonderful memento from here. When someone goes away from his squadron here they get a cricket bat. When you're a supervisor you get a full regulation size one (no idea how we're getting it home!).

The cricket bat always has a joke put on it. Garret's says "Always Just a Phone Call Away.....Love you, Kiss Kiss!" G gets teased at work because every time we get off the phone he says "Love you" and makes two kissy noises. It's our thing. So they decided to have it burned into his cricket bat (along with a thank you and a plane, and his squadron symbol). Then everyone signs it, and we have a good time.

G rocks because he survived this base. The crazy schedule. The sometimes crappy way the run it (oh, who am I kidding? it's completely run crappy, they're evaluation is they have extremely low morale). He got to sit down with the commander and she really listened to what he had to say, and admitted that some of them are big problems she knows need to be fixed. And through this all his main priority was me and our little family (aka Sophie). He made sure to call from work and check in, and always left from home as late as he could to spend just a few more minutes with me. It was a nice reminder that he puts me first on his list.

Do you have a husband who rocks? (or a boyfriend/girlfriend/wife?) Let me know about it! If you have a blog and want to do a post, I'll link to it.

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