Monday, July 13, 2009

I've Become One Of Those Mothers

In 3 days I put my dear sweet Sophie on a plane to go to my parents' house. I'm utterly terrified. I'm like a mom with her kid going off to camp. Only in my case there are real dangers.

First, Sophie could pick up bad habits at their house. We've discussed not feeding her people food (except for the occasional bite of fruit) but my parents tend to fail on this regard.

Secondly she could get fat, and she's at the perfect weight. The vet doesn't want to see her any heavier (because of her build, she's heavier, although not overweight, so we have to watch her weight to not put a strain on her). My poor dachshund I left behind? Oh Audrey has no idea what's coming in a few weeks. She's going to be on the doggy exercise regiment from hell! Apparently she likes to sneak downstairs and eat the cat food. Never mind that when I left the cat food was up on a ledge because of this exact reason, so I have no idea on earth how my little 7 inch high pooch is reaching said food. And they claim she overeats. She was always free fed when I had her and at a healthy 9 lbs. God only knows what I am coming home to after 2 years.

Thirdly, I am worried she will quit eating. She did it when I was on the cruise, only needing her food bowl filled 3 times while I was gone 12 days. She is a very attached to mama kind of puppy, so I'm just hoping she'll be so distracted by being in a house with 3 other dogs (and 2 cats, an animal she's never had contact with) that she'll forget to notice my absence. Unlikely, but I'm holding out the hope.

And lastly, my dog Audrey, the dog who is my little doggie soulmate in that she's pretty much like me in dog form? Well, she's a bitch. A tiny, was the runt of the litter miniature dachshund bitch. It's little dog syndrome, but she reminds me of the poodle from Oliver and Co. who states that everything from the doorknobs down is hers. And she's so pretty she gets away with it. She just looks up at you with her cute little face with black rimmed eyes (it seriously looks like she wears eyeliner) and you tend to forgive her heinous behaviour. So, poor sweet Sophie who is not dominant at all is about to get her 60 lb. butt handed to her by something the size of her chew toy. Not to mention Wrigley, my baby brother's dachshund who is afraid of his own shadow, and therefore tends to snip when he's terrified (which is 90% of the time) will probably bite her and she'll get all squinty eyed (like she does when you even say her name in a tone she knows is bad) and cry.

I know I sound crazy, but anyone who has seen us with our dog understands. Sophie may be walking into hell. Or, maybe since I won't be there Audrey won't see it as a betrayal and they will get along as the best of friends and it will be Sophie's idea of heaven. Here's hoping for the best!

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