Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Own Words

Another blogger was discussing a co-worker (male) and how he sees life's happinesses as just periods between strife and sorrow. And she talked about how different she thinks, and how she feels women are stronger than men.

I had to agree. And suddenly these words formed.

We are the survivors. The ones who pick up the pieces when life falls apart. We go forth, making the shattered pieces form something beautiful in our lives.

I think most people have been through horrible things in their lives. Few people in these modern times get through even the first few decades without scars. But I have seen the difference between how men cope and how women cope. Women survive because that is what we do. It's quite possibly a part of our make-up. Men are the hunters. We gather our lives up, moving to survive, loving because to hate simply harms our own lives.

We are stronger than even we give ourselves credit for. It's what will make this move go smoothly. What will help us get through the madness of this nomadic life.

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  1. Thanks for the birthday whishes!
    I like the way you put it, and I agree we are usually the ones to pull the pieces toghtther when everything falls apart. It's probably written in out genes!