Sunday, July 12, 2009

How To...

Make a wonderfully lip smacking lunch.

Today G and I were in the process of switching back to nights, so we just ate our first meal of our day at about 4 this afternoon. Taking note from a starter I had yesterday at Cafe Rouge I pulled out the other part of the puff pastry we bought for the nectarine puffs the other night. I let it defrost (takes about 30-40 min.).

Then I rolled it out, sliced some red onion and set that aside. I placed the rolled puff pastry on a lightly buttered baking sheet ( I used my jelly roll sheet). I took 3 logs of goat's cheese (G is a cheese fanatic, so a lot of cheese is a must!) and crumbled them over the puff pastry. Then we literally just tossed the red onion slices on and sprinkled some bacon over it.

It cooked for approx 15 minutes, just until the edges were golden brown. Took it out and placed the sheet on a cooling rack.

Sliced and plated with wild rocket. And consumed while sitting and enjoying a good afternoon.

It was so good that I knew I needed to get on here and share the recipe! I think it will definitely go into our "cook for guests" rotation. So simple, and yet quite impressive in taste and presentation.


  1. I am printing this out and adding it to my "will make when work finishes" pile. It looks delish! I especially love that you got the inspiration from a meal you had in a restaurant. I love doing this. I am always secretly studying the meals I have out looking for improvements either in taste combinations or ways of plating the food up to look fantastic. I recently bought some large silver rings - about 15cm in diameter and 10cm high round the sides (like big scone cutters or something!) and I used it at aq dinner party I had to plate up the mash potato in a perfect circle, and to cut the steak so it made a perfect round to go on top. Then drizzled with a red wine, onion and balsamic vinegar reduced sauce..... I was so proud of it! Something so easy but it looked so professional!

    And I have been searching and searching for the tilapia fish after your rave reviews of it here - but no luck. I wonder if it is only available in the northern hemisphere? I will add it to my list of things to track down when work finishes.....

  2. That looks way yummy!