Thursday, August 27, 2009

If You Don't Like Foul Language....

This would be the time to leave. I's gonna get a bit neurotic (and apparently forget my language skillz!).

Fucking military fuckers. For 7 weeks (seven fucking weeks!) we have been trying to get them to get back to us about paying for the damage they did to our furniture 2 years ago. We turned everything in on time (barely) and waited. We would call, they would say the computers were down and to call back the next day. Which we did. Grrr. Only to be given another bullshit line about it.

Now they are saying that the shipment company is saying G signed something saying we accepted the shipment as is. NO WAY IN HELL. So we asked them to forward that miraculous paperwork. They said they would, but we'll hold our breaths til the cows come home if we think they will send a piece of paper that doesn't exist. So now we get to go chat up the first sgt when we get to MD, and complain. And if that doesn't do anything we go higher. And if I have to I will contact my lovely brother in law and see about getting this problem written up about in the paper, as well as calling our senator and a lawyer.

Yes, I'm pissed. Did I mention these jackasses did not wrap my antique furniture and that my great grandmother's desk had damage where they had shoved the chair in and it had completely beat up the drawer side? Oh, or that said chair has a chunk missing on the front because of it. Between the furniture and home goods they owed us about $1300. Thirteeen hundred! That I would have appreciated using to fix said furniture that they banged the hell up!

So I had a bit of a crying fit this morning and then I got mad. And I plan on staying mad. My experience with military life is that they fuck you every which way they can. And I'm done. Unless they can procure this magic piece of paper I'm getting my money to fix things. And if it takes me making a stink and calling an attorney I will. Because I am done with their bullshit. Done.

My biggest problem is that with everything else right now this was the last thing we needed right before moving. It makes me feel like things are tainted and that the fucking military is going to find some way to fuck us on everything else as well. I'm already nervous about moving some place where we have no home. The military has proved time and again that they don't take care of their people and they don't do what they say they will do. Everyone keeps saying welcome to military life. Well that's not good enough. Not when you damaged furniture to a point it will take a specialist to fix.

Rant over (for now).


  1. Been there done that for about 24 years. I came to the conclusion that the Armed Forces (be it any of them) that if they wanted you to have a wife and family they would have given them to you when you signed on. That is why families aren't treated very well. Your plan on how to get the money they owe you is a good one. Don't let go till you have the check in hand. It's like combat dealing with anything military. Just keep going and have faith..

  2. Oh girl, I am so sorry. Good luck with getting the money they owe you.

  3. First take a deep breath....Ok, you don't want to hear this but here it is. The last thing you want to do is hit a new station and immediately rip into the person that will control Garret's life for the next few years. Work the channels and document everything but do not go in with both guns blazing. All it will do is piss off the people your husband has to work with. It will not come back on you but it will fall like a ton of bricks on him. I don't know Garret's plans for a career but if he wants one you have to work the system. As a wife you can not "make" Garret's career but you surely can break it.

    Talk to anyone in your family and the one thing they will say is that I will tell you the unvarnished truth, even if you don't want to hear it. Work the system, document everything and keep your cool. Pitching a fit will just get you and Garret laughed at and he will receive zero respect. They have very long memories in the military.

  4. We're not planning on pitching a fit. We're planning on explaining to the first sgt exactly what happened, and also explain why we're upset (i.e. it was my grandmother's and great grandmother's furniture). The civilian employees we were dealing with said they would e-mail G the paper he signed, but never did. We're pretty convinced it's the shipping company trying to say it isn't their fault, when they are clearly at fault. None of our furniture was wrapped at all. When the movers came to move us home their jaws dropped and they agreed that the movers sucked. They didn't understand since the American companies had more resources than they used to (special boxes and whatnot).

  5. I agree with Jeffrey; watch what you say and how you say it to those in authority. Keep your cool and you will get a lot farther.