Monday, August 17, 2009

What I've Been Up To

So, it's been 2 weeks since I got home. Whoa. Time flies. G and I were discussing how I haven't posted. I'm apparently a very bad blogger. Bad Kalee.

But I have been having quite the interesting time. We've balanced staying at my Grandmama's house with living at my parents house when we've had things to do. We've also been busy with each family, including a bbq at my house where G's parents came, although of course I forgot my damn camera!

I met my niece for the first time and fell in love! Seriously, I adore her, and I am happy to report that the feeling is mutual. She would reach out for me and I was the one who could get her to stop crying during the few times she was tired (normally she rarely fussed at all, a very happy baby!). I would tell her, "You're too pretty to cry, so quit it."

I also finally got my eyebrows waxed and cut my hair! Seriously, I was deliriously happy to have that done for the first time in 2 years! And with the better water here my hair is finally starting to get better. My stylist (who has been doing my hair since I was 10) was shocked and a bit freaked out by how thin my hair had gotten and even murmured about how much was falling out as she styled it. So let's cross our fingers that Maryland turns out to have decent water quality!

We also bought a new (to us anyways) car, signed up for a cell phone plan and are looking into houses. It's more than a tad bit overwhelming. But I do love the car. We bought an '08 Ford Fusion, and the best part is that the seats are dark so Sophie's hair won't show up all the time!

Yummy fruit that we foraged.

The mini horses that we fed apples to. Don't worry, they were wild trees sown from the seeds from trees on the farm.

"ALPACA!!!" I finally yelled this while outdoors and they looked at me. This was just one close up with a perplexed alpaca.

This is the phone booth Garret spent weeks in to call me from the UK before he got a phone.

Ready for take off! We got the seats with all the leg room!

My birthday cake my maman had made for the BBQ. Yum!

Me and my bestie, T. We finally had some great coffee talk!

Me with my niece, she ate and fell asleep. Hand blurry since I was rubbing her back.

New haircut, not the best pic, but eh. I had it cut with long layers to give more movement.

Took Cascone's pasta sauce (a KC institution----G and I had prom dinner there) and added cherry tomatoes from my parents garden, mushrooms, and onions.

Vintage dinner time. My grandmama's pink china, silver and crystal. I have the original receipts and luckily can find replacements for anything I need or extra pieces!

Garret and I had breakfast at Ray's Diner here in town. It's been here since 1932 and has delicious breakfast and lunches!

My outfit yesterday. I need new jeans but I'm kinda in between sizes!

Sophie and my mini dachshund Audrey passed out!


  1. Welcome back (to the blog!) Your hair looks lovely. Was Sophie pleased to see you?


  2. Welcome back to the states - and blogging!

  3. I was worried that you were going to stop blogging also I need you to email me about guest posting for me.Glad you made it back safely.

  4. J~ Sophie was super excited to see us, but she's developed this crazy neediness from there being so many people and animals around. She loves being around the other dogs, but a lot of times when G and I retreat, she follows suit, and has taken to carrying a toy around constantly and freaking out if you take it from her. Hopefully she'll calm back down once we move.....maybe they have puppy prozac?

    Bobbi Janay~ I would love to guest post! Of course I'm not really sure what on earth I would talk about, but it sounds fun!