Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Finds

Today G and I headed out for the thrift store here on base. He needed a uniform hat (his got accidentally packed up by the movers), and luckily ended up finding one. But I found something more amazing.....a Bialetti espresso maker!

We had been wanting to get one for a while. Originally I was just going to get the little 1 or 3 cup pot, because G liked his coffee sweet, and that narrow view did not include espresso. Then he tried an espresso at the Portuguese coffee place we liked. Over time he got them more and more (we even made the mistake of getting a double once, which was more like a triple!) and using less and less sugar. Now we drink it pretty much black. A tiny bit of sugar, and occasionally we will pick up some creamer from the store.

But anyways, because of his new love for darker, richer coffee he wanted to get a bigger espresso maker. And during the move shelling out the money for one seemed ridiculous when we had a perfectly good coffee maker. And, unfortunately these pots were one of the few things that were the same price in pounds as they were in dollars (as in 30 GBP or $30) so that made it closer to $50 dollars to buy it on the economy.

Well not today! Today at the thrift store I found a 6 cup espresso pot in perfect condition (it just needed a good cleaning) for $3!!! That's a 90% discount! I was more than a little excited. And I must say it was nice to have a purchase where I didn't even think twice, just took that sucker up to the check out.

We also bought at a thrift store off base the cutest little toast holder in the world, although it needs a good cleaning. I'm also considering using it as a decorative piece instead of functional and spray painting it a bright fun color.
Actually, now having looked at it in the photo, I might leave it as is!

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