Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I need a pick me up. A jump start. I have begun to feel like screaming more often than not. Even on days when we find out something good, another thing hits us, and I feel like damn, I cannot take any more of this! I get frustrated more easily. I go off on G, sometimes me being upset is called for, but I don't like getting so worked up. I need something. For myself. For our marriage. For my sanity.

I need to get my ass in gear and hunt down running/workout pants that aren't too big. Because I want to start walking/jogging/running again. I want something to wear me out, lift me up, and help me work out my frustrations. I really need to work on strengthening my foot, making my feet strong again. I need to take care of me, body, mind, and soul.

So maybe tomorrow night or the next I can head to go find new pants. Once that's accomplished I want to set a goal. Usually I would start out small, but I want something to kick my ass, to be a challenge. I haven't figured out what it will be yet, but I'm thinking on it.

Oh, and want to be inspired? Dusty over at All Thing G&D set a goal to run 400 miles this year, and just broke that----- at 23 weeks pregnant! Definitely made me want to kick it up a notch!