Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Blessings

(This is the front of our new home....inspections soon, keep your fingers crossed!)

Garret found out this
weekend that the military was changing which unit they were sending him to. We both got a little (okay, a lot) nervous. If it was shift work we knew it might break us, and G's health has begun to suffer because of the crazy schedule in England so we wanted a normal job for him for a while.

Well, yesterday he found out he was going to be on a day job! I was never so ecstatic until today when he came home from his first day of 2 p.m.! He got out early, but then told me his normal schedule will be from 8 to 4!!! That's a 7 hour workload when you consider he gets an hour lunch (which can I say is exciting for him, since his last job there was no "lunch" or "breaks" unless they fit into the schedule, and you had to take them in the room generally because he was a supervisor). I got so excited! This means the latest he'll get home is around 5 (that's if traffic is horrible, which so far we haven't seen, even around that time). So our daily schedule will be breakfast around 6:45/7 a.m. then tea together at 5 p.m. with tea and maybe the occasional scone, and then dinner at 8. Dinner together! Seriously, unless it was his day off our "dinners" were always rushed affairs since he usually woke up not too long before then.

It's the little things I tell you. They allow you to breathe, to feel that things will be okay. Not only will we have breakfast and dinner together, but I can establish a normal schedule. A cleaning routine. A routine for making dinner preparations. And weekends, glorious weekends! We can have a weekend schedule. A movie night. Time for mass each weekend. A regular trip to the farmer's market. Time together.

Yes, indeed, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.


  1. As someone who had a weekend job for over a year it takes it toll on the marriage if you can't set aside time together. Yay!!!!

  2. Is this a town house? It's great! Not what I was expecting - somehow I thought it would be a ranch-type normal house. It looks very well maintained. I can imagine pots of flowers on the stoop. Lovely!

  3. Yes, it's a rowhome, in downtown Baltimore. We looked at cute 1930's and 1940's homes and as much I loved the idea of them, and their cute little neighborhoods they just didn't work for us.

    This was built in 1900, but has been completely rehabbed. Partially sad since we love the look of old homes, but it also means it's updated and the floors don't slope so much if you trip you'll roll to the back of the house (some houses were indeed that bad). One of the first things on the agenda is actually getting a heavy stone planter for in front of the basement window with some pretty flowers. It'll look nice and make it less tempting to break in there!

  4. Adorable! I love it! I'm totally happy for you guys, and a little jealous... :-)

  5. Love it! Love you to girl.

  6. You'll love having an order home! I bought mine in the middle of my downtown area and just love it. I think you'll love it too!