Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was raised with my maman constantly repeating that "everything happens for a reason".  And so I believe it.  Not because I necessarily hold any real stock in it, but because the saying is as much a part of who I am as anything else I was raised with.  

So when I am having my moments of doubt, I try to repeat it as a mantra.  

Because I'm scared.  G and I are buying a gorgeous a questionable neighborhood. Partly because we had a certain price point we weren't willing to really budge on, and partly because we love the city, we wanted to live in it, not just near it.  The house already has a security system on it, including video feed from the front step so we can see and hear who is there from our second floor landing.  And next door there are newlyweds who have been working on making their backyard look nice.  And always a good sign...the block behind us has houses that all have lots of flower pots.  

We did crime report research on the neighborhood.  It's in downtown Baltimore.  Crime happens, we were okay with that.  Muggings, car break ins.....these don't worry us.  I'm planning on taking a self defense class, and we are preparing to be okay.  We researched all the way back to January 2008, and our block is just a quiet little block.  Well, we have one questionable individual, but I am telling myself it won't be a problem.  The worst thing that seems to happen there is the occasional stolen car.  Or graffiti, we have some low grade writing to clean off part of the front of the house (it extends onto the newlyweds as well, and you can barely see it, because it's like sidewalk chalk.....but words I don't like to hear people use).  

I'm still scared.  But G won't be deploying for at least another year, and we're taking precautions.  We're planning on calling ADT to set up even more security measures, and installing motion sensor lights in the back for when we have to let the dogs out.  

And then today we found out that the seller is going to install a privacy fence after closing (there will be money held in escrow until he finishes).  And I breathe a little easier.  Because that's something I didn't want us to have to do.  I want to be able to get into the sowing more grass seed and planting peonies part.  

Everything happens for a reason.  I don't need to know all the reasons because I have faith that there is a purpose to this life.  

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