Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitchen Products....and opinions wanted

Over on my original blog I began posting about kitchen items we're wanting for the new home.  I am always looking for advice from those who have these items, so please comment if you have an opinion!

Continuing the discussion, I must admit....if G and I had endless amounts of money we would have a professional kitchen with pretty much anything you could imagine, neatly stored of course.  Unfortunately we have a very modest budget (we just budget well for things we know we're going to want) and are no where near being close to having a professional style kitchen.  Someday.  

But we do want to have enough items to make our kitchen easy to work in.  Part of how we save money to be able to live the life we love is by having me (with sous chef G's help of course!) cook most of our meals at home.  For every nice dinner out we have to plan to compensate for that with good (and low cost) homecooked meals.  We also believe in slowly saving to afford top of the line equipment that will last a long time.  I would rather spend $100 on a cutting board that will last 5+ years, with me using it every week than buy a $30 board that will eventually splinter within 2 years.  

So, before we move on with the list of things we are saving for I also have a conundrum.  We're buying our first home, and the kitchen is part of what drew me in.  The nice new appliances will be handy dandy (although not so sure about the mounted microwave).  However, I have never used a gas stove.  Ever.  My parents had one when I was little, but I wasn't allowed to cook.  G's parents have only ever had a gas stove, but I didn't take my chance to cook on it this summer.  So I am a tiny bit intimidated.  My realtor assured me I will probably burn a few things then fall in love with it.  Still, any tips on how to work one of these things?  Do they still make things sticky like the old gas stoves did?

And secondly, granite counters.  Oh so pretty, right?  But I am worried about damaging them.  Researching them is on my list of things to do before closing.  I did hear that Method's granite cleaner is good.  

Anyone used this?  Like it?  Love it?  Think there's something better out there?  Have any other Method products you love?  We've never had easy access to these before, and we're trying to buy less chemical products and more natural ingredients cleaners.

I'll be posting more kitchen things today and tomorrow.  Come back and visit as I figure out what is going to be frugal in the long term, and what simply is just too much money or unnecessary.  


  1. Your realtor is right; you will LOVE the gas stove. It is so much easier to control the heat. As for the granite tops, i am assuming they are sealed (if not, get them sealed!) in which case hot soapy water is all you need for the majority of the cleaning. When i need a bit more power, I mix baking soda and washing up liquid until it is like toothpaste, and use that as a soft scrub. Rinse, and then follow with a diluted vinegar rinse to get rid of any baking powder you left behind.

  2. I grew up with gas and now have electric and hate it. I also love the method cleaners.