Friday, September 25, 2009

B is for Baker

I love baking.  There is quite simply nothing better than the smell of warm bread in the oven----or the frustration wrought out by kneading and pounding dough!  So when I think of kitchen items I would really like, baking items are the first thing to really come to mind.  We already have a round pizza stone, which has proved incredibly valuable to have.  It's round, basic, and gets the job done (while looking horrible because I was young and didn't research the proper care of them).  However, it's size and shape have made using it as a bread stone difficult.  And because we never had a peel, warming it up in the oven was nearly impossible, so our pizza crust never turned out as crispy as we like.  

Well, those days are over!  One of the first things on our list to buy are a rectangular pizza/bread stone and a peel.  Williams-Sonoma has some, as does about every kitchen supply place around.  And from talking with friends and reading blogs I think we're going to save money and go with the cheaper ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

Pizza Stone

My biggest problem with stones is that they get dirty, cannot be washed with soap, and that makes me gross out a little bit.  I tend to use baking soda for everything  and I found that it worked well in scrubbing things off of my pizza stone, and also making me feel like it was more clean.  Then the other day I stumbled across this on SurLaTable!

A pizza stone scraper!  Sign me up!  For 10 dollars, it would be worth every penny in my household.  Not a necessity, so it won't be one of the first things we buy, but it would be nice to have eventually.

The pizza stone and peel will be used for both pizza and bread.  But I am also considering getting a couple of these for when I make French bread.  I'm particular about getting the bread crisp and chewy on the outside and soft on the inside.  I've been eyeing these for over 3 years now, so I think perhaps it's time I gave them a whirl.

I also love to bake pies, tarts and quiche.  In fact, back in England I was known for it (and that's how you make friends with the neighbors and co-workers!).  I made do with what I had, glass pie plates, a white ceramic tart/quiche dish, and a rolling pin.  And while I'm excited to say I am getting my grandmother's worn smooth wooden rolling pin soon, there are a few items I would like as I continue my exploration is pie making:

Pie Crust Shield (because my days of having to form aluminum foil around a hot pie are over!)

And finally, my long coveted Emile Henry Ruffled Pie Dish.  It comes in this beautiful red, a caramel color, and now even white.  I would like all 3, but for now I'll settle for a red that will get me from fall to summer!

Of course there are many, many other baking items I would love to have.  But for now, I would be satisfied to just have these.  Otherwise this post would take all day!

Do you have any baking items you cannot live without?  Some you've found useless?  Anything you are coveting for your kitchen?


  1. I love my stand mixer for when it comes to baking, I got mine last year on black friday for 150 at walmart. You should look in to that.

  2. I adore that ruffled dish - so pretty! I cannot live without my KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. It's a happy yellow and so vintage and perfect. Love.