Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, Oh, Sunshine-y Day!!!

Okay, not so much. In fact it was hella grey out, looked like it might begin to pitter pat with rain all day. Eh. But I was determined to not let that ruin the fun of exploring a neighborhood we are looking at. Even when G got lost in downtown Baltimore.

Today's successes:

Getting over an hour of parking for a quarter. Seriously? Never would have happened in KC. The great shopping areas there always cost an arm and a leg to park. This particular meter even had rates for nickels and dimes!!!

Finding out that the neighborhood is mildly rundown (as in some boarded up homes, but with this economy you can find these even in the best of neighborhoods here as they renovate them), definitely not a wealthy neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination, but had amazingly colorful homes (as in purple, bright green, grey blue, etc) with flower pots and women sitting on the steps chatting. I fell in love right away.

Discovering a local cafe that was really yummy and the staff was friendly. And every second Friday they have a night with spoken word, poetry, etc. Do you know where I will be on Fridays? Oh yes, yes I will.

G didn't know I was taking this pic!

One review of this cafe called this crackfish. It really was that good!

Getting a new travel coffee mug that I can officially say has kept my coffee hot enough to burn my mouth for over an hour! OXO seems to make good products, without being too pricey. And this mug even has a button to push down that seals it off, and even holding it upside down it didn't leak!

Coming back to base, and getting sushi to take home. Now G has been a tentative fan of sushi and sashimi, but tonight we had a mix of spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and spicy shrimp. He tried 2 of each with one bite being plain and one bite being with wasabi. And he fell in love. I think I might be jealous, but I am assuming it isn't a deep thing. :)

It's not even quite 6 p.m. yet here, so I wonder what other adventures we can get up to this evening.

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