Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy As A Baby Bumblebee

I feel like the past 2 days have been me and G running around crazily trying to get so much done.  After 3 attempts we finally found a tension shower curtain rod that would fit our shower.  Now we realize we need an extra long shower curtain.  Of course!  We ordered our washing machine and dryer, and lets just hope it all works out!  Our electric company is going to be sending us a $50 check for buying an energy star washing machine, so score!  But the delivery people have to get the machines up 2 flights of stairs....hmmm.  Home Depot said they could do it.  (although don't get me started on Home Depot....some of the workers are nice, but the policies suck)

And tonight I spent a few hours trying desperately to get my kitchen organized.  For those who don't know me personally or haven't been reading this blog long enough to catch on, I pretty much am obsessive-compulsive about organization in my kitchen.  My glasses have to be the same distance, turned all the same way (no I don't measure, but I'm an artist, so pretty good at looking and fixing it if it's wrong).  Everything has a place basically.  And our corner cabinet is glass.....what on earth do I even do with that?  I mean, honestly, our first floor has 9 1/2' ceilings, so I need a step stool to reach anything past the second shelf.  And I'm considered tall enough to model, people.  It's frustrating.  So there I was on a step stool, trying to put things away, and then we realized the shelves were wrong.....only in the corner cabinet we couldn't reach deep enough to adjust them (finally G did after 30 min. of maneuvering).  So we ate some cheesecake and are calling it a night.

Tomorrow we get a house phone, and hopefully soon our internet will be up (I might be borrowing this from an open network nearby).  Having to sit on the toilet (with the seat down if you must know) in our master bath to get a full signal is kinda wearing me out.....especially since we don't have window coverings yet and I am paranoid that the people behind us think I spend too much time in here.  (luckily their homes are a story shorter so they can't directly see me acting a fool!).

Pics to come soon, after I get the house more done up.  And no it won't be finished for at least a year, but you'll come along on the journey won't you, please?

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  1. How fun, also can you email me your address so I can send out the books so we don't have to move them.