Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dinner Out

Well, obviously after last night's frustrations with knitting, I needed a night out.  So we had a nice dinner out at a local Indian restaurant.  We were a bit nervous, since we loved our Indian place in England so much, and knew that this place would be different.  

It was.
Really, really good. 

We had it all, from appetizers to soup (well, we shared a bowl I ordered, because holy crap was it ginormous, and how on earth was I to even eat a small bite of my main if I ate all the appetizers plus the soup?!?) to mains and dessert.  I really wish I had taken more pics.  But the appetizers were amazing.  We had a variety platter with meat samosas, chicken tikka, veggie samosas (which were definitely our fav.), homemade cheese that was fried, and potato something or other that was the weirdest texture and taste, but boy did G love them!  We shared the mulligatawny soup (lentil with veggies, blended, then had cilantro on top....cilantro and lentils?  delicious!).  For our mains we had our usual.  I got my Chicken Rogan Josh, extra spicy (although next time I want it on fire, if need be) and G had Chicken with Mushrooms that was really quite good.  I think the hardest thing for us was being open to new tastes, new flavors.....every kind of food possible has a million recipes for it, so you're rarely going to get food that tastes exactly like you had it before.  

( I loved the little individual heaters for the main course....beautiful copper!)

I should mention that one of the waiters was flirting with me.  Oh yes, very much so.  At one point G murmured that he might have to duel him.  Unfortunately for G it's illegal to duel in the military, so he just had to sit there and behave himself.  The first thing the waiter said was that my necklace was beautiful.  Definitely a good necklace, almost every time I wear it out, I get compliments on it!  It's old costume jewelry though, so unfortunately while it could be replicated, you can't really buy it anymore (I think it was my great-great aunt's.....that woman dressed to the nines, everyday.  She had a very impressive closet).  

So when we ordered desserts (rice pudding for me, and something called milk balls in honey for G, which was like donut holes in melted honey....I about died and went to heaven when I tasted it!) was it any surprise that this waiter brought them out, said I was to be served first, and when I jokingly said, "it's because I'm prettier" he said, "that is true"?  Then he brought out a little plate which he told us was so that G could put one of the balls on it for me to try.  Sadly G was not given a little bowl to try mine, but I shared anyways.

So, amazing 2 hour dinner with very friendly staff (the other staff members were amazingly nice too) and a confidence boost?  Definitely the night I needed.  


  1. What a great date night! You've inspired me to try the new Indian restaurant in our area. The pictures look so yummy!
    Cute blog!

  2. What an awesome night, Casey and I need a night out like that sans baby.