Monday, October 5, 2009

Almost forgot...

Here is my outfit from Friday.  Simple black dress, simple quilted flats, and a green jacket from TopShop I picked up while overseas.  I actually didn't wear the jacket to Panera, but had to later, since it's gotten nice and cool here.  I love fall, and was excited to get to throw in some fall colors!

I literally spent the weekend in dresses and skirts.  Which G loved.  

Then today he came home with my Max and Cleo dress, which got sent to his parents and then sent here.  So it took a while, and I have 4 days left to return it.  I think I might have to.  

Cute from the front: (excuse the no make-up, unwashed hair look, I was getting ready to hop into the shower when he came home).

But unfortunately from the side, it billows out in both the front and back making me look like I'm either hiding a lot of weight around my middle, or I'm pregnant (which I'm not, in case my maman is reading this).  G agrees that it's a cute dress (in fact he loves it on me from the front) but also agrees it makes me look like I have a bun in the oven.  

Which is why it is probably going back, even though I love it's 1960's shape.  I think the problem is that looking at Nordstrom's it said it ran tight in the bust, and since that is already a problem I ordered a size 14 instead of a 12, so it is bigger in the belly than I think it's supposed to be.  I wish I knew if a tailor could fix this little problem.   Any body think it's a possibility?  

And nope, can't save it until I'm pregnant to wear as a cute dress, unless I plan on getting a reduction before then.  It is a tight in the bust dress.  Don't you just love designers who design for models with no boobs and don't think to modify for anything else?  


  1. I think it's super cute! Even from the side!! I say keep it.

  2. I love both. But I really and truly love the Max and Cleo dress. It is fantastic. It doesn't make you look pg at all.

  3. oh, i say keep it, too! so cute!

    and i came here to thank you about your sweet comments about our adoption story...thank you!! also, found the post below about our story and appreciate that so much. i'd be happy to chat w/ you about adoption or questions....

    lovepalm21 AT hotmail DOT com

  4. I love it too.....what about getting a wide belt - say in deep rich red, or bright jewel yellow and wearing it cinched under the bust? That would help keep the dress closer to your shape from the start of the bust line, and maybe take away some of the billowing effect?


  5. I have the same problem with empire waist dresses, especially since my ribs are kind of big (and that's the smallest part of the dress). Too bad, it looks really cute!

    Also, here's a site with knitting videos that helped me a lot.
    It'll get easier! If you want knitting help and to meet some new people, you should look for a knitting group - always a fun excuse to go sit in a cafe some night.