Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, we swtiched hotels no problem.  Well, except for the hotel is supposed to have a "fully equipped" kitchen, which apparently means some dishes, a pan big enough for a box of tuna helper, and a small saucepan....oh, and a plastic spatula.  No spoon, no measuring cups or spoons.  To say I was annoyed is putting it mildly.

G and I had a no spend weekend.  Not that we didn't spend money, but we tried to avoid doing it unnecessarily.  We didn't go out to eat, we picked up groceries.  Which included a BOGO of ground turkey.  So essentially we got almost 3 lbs. of ground turkey for less than 5 dollars....I can't even get ground beef that cheap usually.  Last night I used about a lb. of it to make tuna noodle helper instead of using tuna.  We added red onion, peas, and some shredded cheese to make it nice and tasty.  Then we had a spring salad with tomato (it's odd, but we keep it simple, no dressing even).  Then we dug into Brie with some farm bread.  It was a nice, simple meal in.  

We did run to Wal-Mart and picked up some things I was needing.  My cute blue jacket that I wore to see Harry Potter?  A button fell the hell off.  Great, so I piked up some navy button thread.  We also picked up some knitting needles and grey yarn, and I am attempting to make G a scarf.  Unfortunately it went something like this:  cast on, try another row, get pissed and undo it because it doesn't look right, throw something (generally the needle), pout, cry, repeat.  I must admit a fault of mine is getting very upset if something doesn't come easy for me.  And the fact that I had successfully knitted half a scarf before and paused when I got bored was only too present in my mind as I got frustrated not being able to understand the video online.  So, if anyone knows of a good website with video or step by step images, please, let me know.  I told G that the most annoying part of all of it was that if I were back home I have people I could call who could walk me through it.  No such luck here in MD.  

I also picked up some remnant fabric so that I can make a doll for my niece for Christmas. I've ordered some patterns off of Etsy and will be working on that once we get settled into the house.  

Oh, and I've ate a gazillion oreos.  I hadn't had them in years, and then bam!  First we got a snack size in a bag of treats dropped off at our last hotel by the chapel people.  Then G won a whole package of them from some thing the commissary held for incoming people.  It was fate.  We had already tried to substitute them with Newman's Own and it was not the same, sadly.  

So here I sit, trying to watch Mad Men from last night online, because oh my god the hotel room has two Showtime channels so we can catch Dexter but damn if they don't have AMC....go figure.  And eventually I might try hunting down more info. so I can finish G's scarf.  I am getting very good at casting on though.  Too bad it doesn't keep my fingers busy enough though and I am bouncing off the walls!


  1. I know how you feel about the knitting!! I can knit, but a girl at work started to wear these gorgeous crochet scarfs last winter and offered to teach me how, I thought it would be a good (and easy) thing to learn.....I was wrong! I am so used to picking things up so easily, and as an adult, I don't think we learn many things from scratch anymore. So not being able to do it perfectly within a few tries REALLY annoyed me. Like you, I became an EXPERT at the casting on chain stitch (and then unravelling, as I wasn't impressed with it).

    Good luck!

    PS I do now have a beautiful scarf....but I'm in no hurry to pick up another pattern and have another go!