Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Hotel living, ain't it great?  We got to complain several times tonight because the people next door were allowing their child to jump on the bed and slam into the wall enough that our head leaned up against the headboard reading and watching t.v. were bounced.  I tried talking to them myself, but the lady was not originally an English speaker and she didn't understand.  The front desk said if they didn't quit then they would move them to another room, so thank God for that.  The hotel is kinda crappy, but the staff has been nothing but nice.

We're cooking a lot of simple dinners.  Roasted chicken picked up from the store with salad and pasta.  I add in veggies whenever I can, in addition to salad.  We've been surviving on quick meals, fruit, and coffee.  I love me some coffee!

And I picked up some remnant fabric for my niece's doll, but forgot to show a pic of it!  I want to eventually pull some more elaborate fabrics, but since flannel was recommended and I figured a simple pattern that I wouldn't worry about matching up would be best I picked out pink with white polka dots.  I cannot wait to get started on it!

Tonight I decided that I didn't want to deal with the scent from my Burt's Bees body butter, so went for the vaseline.  Covered my legs, arms, face, hands, feet and then threw on some of G's work socks.....which to his amazement came up to my knees.  So of course we had to take a pic.....the vaseline is why I look so shiny!

Gearing up for a weekend lounging around, maybe going to a park for a walk.  Perhaps a picnic is in store?  

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