Friday, October 9, 2009

Because He Watches Me

First, I have to say, that G has come to look forward to reading these posts.  In fact, he never forgets.  So it's purpose of reminding myself why I love him so much, and letting him know how much I appreciate him is working.  

My husband rocks because he watches me.  All the time.  It's nearly stalkerish, and can be disconcerting when I turn while he's watching a t.v. show that I don't care to so I go clean, and find that instead of watching his precious show, his eyes are following me around the room!  Let me tell you, it can make a girl blush!

But that's him.  He likes to just lie in bed watching me sleep when he wakes up before me.  (Maybe because I'm peaceful then?)  He watches me as I walk back to the table at a restaurant.  He watches me primp in the mirror.  And it is always with this look on his face that let's me know he thinks he's the luckiest guy in the world to have me.  

But what he doesn't know, is that over the past few months, I've begun to watch him as well!  This great man, who thinks he's so lucky, doesn't realize how lucky I feel to have him.  When it gets close to the time he comes home, I will peek out the window (or in this case the peep hole of our hotel room door) and just wait for him.  I like to open the door for him before he gets to it.  I like to make sure he knows I am glad he's home.

Because as I turn to walk back in the room, I know his eyes are following me.  So I might even swing my hips a bit more to make sure he knows I appreciate him looking!

G with his dark chocolate Cold Stone ice cream.....he was in heaven!