Friday, October 9, 2009

A Long Story Short

When G realized it was Friday, he asked me to read the blog to him (he's ironing one of his button downs), and then cutely said, "Tell me a story" before I could get to the blog post.  And my story went something like this: (cue the cutesy voice I use that sounds like I'm 5)

Once upon a time there was a little boy and a little girl playing together at a park.  Afterwards the boy went to his mommy and said, "I met a girl, and I'm getting married."  The mom said, "Noooooo!" (because he was still her little boy, she wasn't ready for that) The little girl went to her mommy, and her mommy asked her who the cute little boy she was talking to was, and she said "Mommy, he's a dork, I don't like him like that."

Nine years later that same little girl was a little more grown-up and she walked into the history class of her new school.  The boy saw her and watched her walk in, nearly falling out of his seat.  He went home after school that day and told his mom, "I met a girl again today, and I'm getting married."  His mother responded, "Noooooo!"

Four years later that boy and that girl were friends, going to the big school dance together.  The boy would go home and say, "I met a girl, and we're getting married."  The girl's parents loved the boy and would ask about him, and the girl would say "He's a dork, I don't like him like that.  We're just friends."  

And they were, best friends for four years.  And then the girl told her mom, "He's a dork, but I love him anyways."  And the boy sat his mom and dad down and said, "I met a girl, and we're finally getting married!"  

And they did, living happily (usually) ever after.

The End.  


  1. After I'm done gagging on how sweet that was - I will let out an enormous, "AWWWW!!!!" and probably have a good cry!

    But seriously, I love it!

  2. JoLee, I don't think anyone ever expected us to be this gag inducing! Should make for some interesting times, we're hoping to get a group from school together over Christmas!

    Bobbi, sometimes we're so cute it makes me want to throw up a little. Ahh, love's many sides!