Sunday, November 1, 2009

Commitment Phobe

I have problems with commitment.  It's partially why I've so indecisive, and also can be blamed for the reason most stores hate me.  Because I tend to return a lot of things once I've gotten them home and realize I just don't like them as much as I thought I did.  It happens.  Sometimes the break is easy.  Sometimes it's hard and involves tears.  But a girl must do what a girl must do.

Knowing that, I am usually not one to just jump into a relationship.  I gather information, ask what people know.  I try things on so many times they fit me like a glove because they've formed to my shape.  And then a lot of times, I walk away.  Not because I don't like them (let's face it, I love shopping, I would bring everything home if I could) but because I don't like them enough to bring them home, to commit to long term.  

But today, oh the glorious gods were looking down upon us.  G and I were each able to find new jeans.  I desperately needed some since mine looked ridiculous on me, and G's had faded and were wearing holes in them.  I now have 3 new pairs from 3 different stores, and G was supportive of the whole trip, God love him.  He even had fun giving his opinion on accessories at H&M (I wanted to shop for clothes there, but the store was so much bigger than the ones I knew in England that I couldn't breathe from the overwhelming expansiveness of it, so accessories were a safe choice).  We had lunch at Chili's (thanks to the nice people of Chili's sending us some gift certificates because the ones here don't have a military discount).  And then, well, things got a bit crazy.

Because 3 years ago G bought me boots in England while I was visiting for Christmas.  Boots that eventually he lugged back on the train because we realized later that the two boots?  Well, each was a different size and that's why they felt funny.  But G promised that he would buy me boots again ( I might have bribed him with the promise of a short skirt being worn with said boots), and yet....we've never found any really.  Until today.  When I nearly had a breakdown in the store because damnit I wanted every pair of boots I saw, I've sworn I'm not taking a trip to D.C. without them, and yet, God are shoes expensive.  In the end we chose a nice pair of black boots with a sturdy heel, and I am giddy with my new crush.  

Here I am, in my old linen shorts, tights I bought today at Gap, black shirt from Gap, and my new new Kenneth Cole Reaction boots.  Garret fell in love with this look, so I had him take a pic.

I think the boots are here to stay.  But I can't make any promises of exclusivity.  Some day there will be other boots...

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