Sunday, November 1, 2009

What To Wear...

To the hardware store!  G and I were headed to Home Depot to pick up some spray paint for me.  I have an old jewelry box that I wanted to re-do, and we needed to paint the picture frame for our mountain painting.  I got dressed cute, because, well, I can.  By the end of the trip my feet were killing me (it's nothing to do with the boots and everything to do with the fact that my poor feet need to be looked at, and these 2 flights of stairs are not helping).  But we were able to get paint, and also picked up an aloe vera plant, a succulent, and an apple tree!  A golden delicious apple tree at half off, actually.  We're planning planting it in the backyard (although we might be waiting until the fence is done).  In a couple of years I should be able to make an apple pie when I want, no problem (and I'm considering canning my apple pie filling to make this easier).  

Necklace: H&M (from England over a year ago)
Shirt:  Banana Republic
Bag: Gerard Darel (it's my baby, I'm hoping for a slightly different one in brown soon)
Jeans:  Ann Talor Loft
Boots:  Kenneth Cole Reaction
Socks: (which you can't see) G's dress socks, since I have yet to find my own socks!

We have so many projects coming up, so be sure to check out my home blog Une Maison Chic.  Four levels is proving to equal lots and lots of projects!  

And, my first real cooking in the oven moment:  Salmon with onions on top of pasta with tomatoes on the side.  It was quite yummy (and cheap, I picked the salmon up for $2.00, and it fed both of us).  


  1. wow! This picture really shows off how much weight you have lost. You looked fine before, but you look even better now. The outfit is very becoming, too.