Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things I've Done Today

* Re-painted my nails with Light My Sapphire, because after removing spray paint from my hands, there was no more polish.  And because it makes me smile.
* Ate yummy leftover shornakhod.  Even better today.  Oh yes it is.
* Thoroughly contemplated different outfits revolving around one pair of shoes.  Thanking God for the memory I have with visualizing, because I did this all from the comfort of my bed.
* Went to a free wine tasting with G.  Awww yeah!
* Bought a nice goat's cheese called Bucherondin from the wine store (which also carries cured meats, bread, olives, truffle oil, and liquor galore.....)
* I fell in love with a 1972 scotch that is supposed to have a taste of seville oranges.  I'd settle for the cheaper one that is supposed to have flavors of vanilla and butterscotch.  (both by Glenrothes)
* I sound like an alcoholic, but I want to learn to drink scotch/bourbon.  
* Because I am wanting to throw a retro cocktail party with martinis, scotch on the rocks and shirley temples.  

And now I'm just rambling.  So here is what I wore on our mini date to the wine store.  

Gah, it was brought to my attention that I didn't put anything about the outfit!
Dress:  Gap Outlet
Tights: Gap Outlet (I love them, they're thicker so nice for the cool weather)
Ring:  H&M
Boots:  Kenneth Cole Reaction

As I am typing this I am snacking on ciabatta with the goat's cheese, and lemme tell ya.... divine!  I am not usually a huge fan of the rind on cheeses (but I'm working on it, so I eat it anyways) but this rind is actually good!  And the wikipedia description is completely accurate... crumbly, gooey, yummy!

The wine we were tasting is from southern Italy, in Calabria.  We tried a dry white, and 3 reds, and every single one was decent-good.  We really liked the white, so we picked up a bottle of that, and we're headed back to the store for the last one we tried once it comes in.....they sold out.

So there you have it:  mini date successful!


  1. What fun! Loving your outfits lately. You sure one chic of a lady:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do feel better indeed.

  2. I love that area in Italy for wine. Super cute outfit and I love goat cheese.

  3. So you want to learn to drink scotch eh??? OK, lesson one, single malt. Lesson two, single malt is NEVER "on the rocks". Room temp with a splash of water to bring out the flavor and the flavor which is derived from the peat and cask type used. A good single malt will be smooth (does not burn going down)and earthy in its aroma and taste. Your Uncle Ron is also very good with single malts. Warning, it may get expensive.

  4. Thank you ladies, I kind of threw it together in my head and it worked out when I put it on. Always a plus!

    Uncle Jeff, thanks for the advice! I actually have no idea why I put "on the rocks" since I've never drank bourbon with ice, nor do they in Mad Men. Hmmm. I did know about the splash of water, but wasn't entirely sure why they did it. And your description of a single malt makes it sound like that is right up my alley!

    And why am I not surprised that Uncle Ron drinks single malts? My husband thinks I have the most interesting family, and very friendly and informative!

  5. Perfect mini date! I love how you make a trip to the wine store into a memorable event. :)

  6. Love your polish! I did a post about manicures today too - check it out!