Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Afternoon Tea

Well, hello dear friends!  I really wish I could have all of you over for a big afternoon tea of scones and tea sandwiches and little petit fours.  But for now won't you please join me for a little humble spot of tea?  I've brewed a pot of Earl Grey and baked a spiced cake last night (half of which went into the freezer for a later time.....the secret to being prepared when guests drop in unexpected!).  And I'm willing to sit and gossip away the evening if you are up for it!

The table is all set for us!  The beautiful wreath in the background is from my Aunt.....what a wonderful surprise it was before Thanksgiving!  A little more tea?

Now, settle in and tell me about what's going on in your life.  Please leave comments telling how you are relaxing in the middle of the 'holiday season'.  As you can possibly tell, tea is my big relaxation technique lately.


  1. How cute! Thanks so much, I don't mind if I do!! So far I have not done too much to get ready for Christmas - had one visit to the Christmas market in Budapest and ordered books online to be delivered to Scotland, where we will be at Christmas. We leave at the end of next week and we still have to put the tree up! The kids have end-of-term exams, so it's all go. I do have a nice cup of tea every afternoon with my husband when he comes home from work - it's our time to catch up.

  2. I am not really relaxing much these days. I have the usual holiday stress and preparing for my state board exams. I guess walking with Lily and or taking a moment to sit and look at our Christmas tree is as close as I get to relaxation. There will be a much needed massage next week.

    Thanks for the invitation to this blog. Lovely to be here!:-)

  3. I'll be able to relax and enjoy things more when Jesse is back home. :) I knit and crochet a lot. And do creative projects... it takes my mind away from everything and allows me to be creative! But I also love a cup of hot tea.

  4. Why, thank you Kalee. How relaxing just to see you relaxed during your tea time. For now, we take it easy at my sister in law's house. Which of course is warm with lights and the fire place.

  5. Lovely table you have there filled with such goodies. I'm trying to relax by not getting caught up in perfectionism this season. I'm also waiting to decorate until it gets closer to Christmas. This is the longest I've ever waited!

  6. Patricia-- That's what G and I do. It's a time for us to just relax and discuss the day.

    La Belette-- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you do smashing on the exam!

    Bobbi-- Definitely! I figure it's inevitable we'll live in Texas at some point!

    Laura-- I've found that keeping my hands busy kills time when I'm waiting on something as well as relaxes me.

    Ping--ooh, a fireplace and a home lit up for Christmas? That does sound lovely!

    Bonjour-- I loved your post about forgoing perfection. Much needed reminder this time of year!