Thursday, December 10, 2009

Busy Little Baker

I enjoy baking.  It calms me and gives me a sense of home, which is nice in a house that still feels foreign to me.  So last night I flitted about the kitchen.  I made a thin crust pizza to eat for lunch today.  I needed to use up some roast chicken we had leftover, and so I used that, goat's cheese, red onion and some spinach.  My recipe for pizza crust makes enough for 3 thin crust, so I rolled out the other 2, brushed one with some with olive  oil and garlic, and the second I blended in dried basil and thyme and rolled it out with olive oil brushed on as well.  Yummy little crisp pieces (I cut them up) for soup tomorrow night and this weekend.  I then got busy making some bread dough for later.  I froze it only to realize tonight that a loaf would come in handy this weekend for sandwiches on Saturday, so it's in the loaf pan thawing and eventually rising now.  

Tonight we headed to Whole Foods (my first time) and picked up some ham steak for the quiche.  I was looking for English style back bacon but didn't find any, so made do.  I chopped it up very fine, crisped it in a pan on the stove, and then brilliance struck.  Even after the pizza I still had some chicken left over, so that went into the quiche as well!  Four meals from one roasted chicken I think justifies us buying one from the store rather than me roasting one (we bought it for lunch the day we had the cornish game hen I roasted that night).  So for dinner we had quiche and some salad.  One fourth of it was our dinner, the other fourth is for our lunches tomorrow, and the other half is now wrapped up cozily in the freezer for a dinner and lunch next week.  

And then I pulled out more flour and whipped up a batch of scones for tomorrow's afternoon tea.  We have clotted cream we need to use up, and the very yummy Christmas jam.  And really, what better way to celebrate a Thursday afternoon?


  1. Ohhh it all looks scrumpious! If it goes well, I will make banana bread tomorrow. Maybe, that's why I'm feeling so blue so I need to start baking!!

  2. You and your cooking skills are killing me - you're so good! I wish I could reclaim my cooking/baking motivation. Could you share your scone recipe, if you don't mind?

  3. Ping-- banana bread sounds so good! I have pumpkin bread loafs in my freezer and now I am thinking I may need some...

    Dunc-- I will most definitely post a scone recipe! I am in the process of trying one last one from England and then will post which one I have found to be best!