Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bee's Knees

Hello!  I just thought I would put this out there.  Garret and I burn a lot of taper candles.  We eat dinner by them a lot and we also have a couple antique brass holders that we use walking up and down the stairs once it's dark ( I told you we liked to do things old school).  We like not having to turn on the lights all the time.  That being said, I'm reading some not so nice things about regular wax candles.  And since our taper (and pillar for that matter) stash is running low, I thought I would ask my readers about candles.  

So, do you use soy or beeswax candles in your home?  What do you think of them?

And, do you know anyone who makes any that you would recommend?  I've been looking a lot on etsy, because I'd rather buy from someone than someplace?  If you know of someone looking for exposure about their products, let me know!  I would love to do a review for someone, or compile a list of good sources.  I'm blessed to have readers who like the sort of lifestyle I lead, and would love to have a few recommendations to pass on!


  1. Wow. Just yesterday, I read a neat tidbit about a woman who uses beeswax in her homemaking rituals:

    [Mary-Anne Robb resident of the stately Cothay Manor in Somerset, England keeps the fire burning in her Great Hall from October until Easter. "Old houses," she says, "should smell of beeswax and wood smoke."]

    Candlelight makes the most humble meal (and bath) so elegant. I'd stocked up on some cheap tapers. After learning about the toxicity of the paraffin smoke, I was glad to quickly diminish the cache (nah, I couldn't just toss them) and have been searching out alternatives. I received a gift soy candle and liked it very much. Whole Foods has some nice stuff. I've mainly been on the lookout for beeswax. Downside: They are pricey. Upside: they burn much longer than paraffin tapers :-)

    While I don't know of any local source, there is some gorgeous stuff at this link, a place out of Virginia:

    My last supply of beeswax tapers came from Pennsylvania. Surely there must be a candlemaker in the area who crafts these beauties. Oh where is the Maryland State Fair when we need it! LOL!


  2. I just recently bought a soy candle that I found up in Kittery, Maine. Since I live in a small apartment and do not have a Christmas tree I wanted one that smelled like one so I could pretend :). I find that the soy candle burns very cleanly! The candle is in a jar, however, and I'm afraid I am not going to be much of a help in terms of where to buy some soy taper/pillar candles, but I can tell you that I do like the soy version!

  3. Jean-- I've found a lady who is doing a large order of beeswax tapers for me (we eat by candlelight often as well as use it just for lights). I will let you know what I think of the candles.

    Tine-- I have heard that soy candles are very good, and they seem to be everywhere now. I'm considering picking up some jarred ones to replace those I have in my bathroom and kitchen.

  4. Hey - ever since i read your post back in December, finding out about/tracking down beeswax candles has been on my list of things to do. I finally got around to it last weekend and found this fantastic place - Queen B.

    I loved all the info they had about how the candles are carbon neutral and actually purify the air you breathe. It was enough to convince me and I went shopping there last weekend. I now have some gorgeous glass holders and beautiful tapers, pillars and tealights for my home! Thanks for the inspiration! As I am a season behind I am only now getting to all the great things you did in winter and doing them for myself!