Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baltimore Blizzard

Oh wow.  I love snow.  I do.   But I have never seen snow like this, and it continues to accumulate.  In the end we're supposed to have something like 2 feet.  We have a blizzard warning until 6 p.m.  Craziness!  And of course, the time when I want tea the most and I have what essentially is a case of Twinings Earl Grey sitting at the base post office.  I had plans to go and get it today, G thought I was crazy, but I was sure it wouldn't be too bad.....

9 inches and counting

It's moments like this when I wish we lived in a Harry Potter world and I could disapparate.  Damn.


  1. How about a cup of hot chocolate instead? Love the picture!

  2. I wish! We exhausted our milk supply last night. But I do enjoy mixing in hot cocoa mix in our coffee.

  3. We've had a little here and I admit I'm hoping for more!


  4. I am in Michigan (and a teacher) and when our blizzard hit last week we had three snow days in a row! It was so lovely to be 'snowed in' and luckily we went shopping the night before it started so I got lots of Christmas baking done. Sorry you are out of tea and hot chocolate though, that's the best on a snowy day. :) Oh and your last line made me crack up! I have often thought that would be a handy 'skill' to have. :)