Saturday, December 19, 2009

Like A Kitty

Here is my husband, eagerly watching the snow.....nevermind that he has to stand on a step stool to look out the window above our front door because I've taken up prime real estate on the couch in front of the front window.  His biggest worry today was not that we would be snowed in but that they would change the forecast and we'd only get a foot.  He desperately wants to go walking in the snow.  In fact he just now offered to walk to a cafe a few blocks away and pick up lunch.  But we already had lunch I point out.  His response?  Okay, our mid afternoon meal he says.  "What are you?" I ask, "a freakin' hobbit with your second meals?"  

"Well I like snow, " he says.  "If you need me to go out in it for any reason I will."  (having already offered to walk to the local grocery store to pick up pecans for cookies if I want them).  


  1. Off topic but I love your exposed brick wall!!!

  2. Second picture is so classic! I love it!

  3. visited your blog for the first time, and came across this are an adorable family!