Sunday, December 6, 2009

Black Friday

Garret and I needed a vacuum (the one we had in England was a German plug, and so we donated it before leaving) and on Black Friday we picked one up at Wal-mart for $24.  It's simple, not even a hose, but good enough for our suite (where the dogs spend the most time).  A review online stated that it was great, from a woman who uses her vacuum twice a day!

Dirt Devil Dynamite

It really is dynamite!  I took it for a spin around our (carpeted) room, and then onto the hardwood sitting/office area, and into the tiled bathroom.  It sucked like no other!  It also happens to be the perfect width for our stairs, making it easy to suck up dog hair.  Just a little area, and I am embarassed to admit it had balls of my hair (sorry, but figured it was best to be honest).  It was disgusting, but I was glad to have it up off my floor!

*This is not a paid endorsement, I just really like this vacuum.  It definitely has me interested in looking at other Dirt Devil products (such as little ones for the kitchen)!


  1. I grew up with dirt devil and love them but they tend to wear out on me quickly.

  2. Lol when you said ' It sucked like no other! " I thought well I guess you didn't like it. I'm a dork. Thats a good price for a good vaccum.

  3. Bobbi-- I'm hoping since it's used only upstairs that it will last at least a year.

    Ciara-- girl, this made me giggle! You are a dork and I love you for it!