Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It snowed yesterday, big fluffy flakes.  Not much stuck to the ground, and today the sun is out.  However, it's still freezing, and I am hoping for more snow soon!  However, due to the weather G and I have holed up.  We will have to venture out today, since we've exhausted our supply of loose leaf Earl Grey.  

For dinner last night I roasted a cornish hen (we have another for tonight) and we ate it with some couscous (cooked in the water that I boiled the giblets in....I also mashed them and added them to the coucous for a wonderful flavor!).  We also cooked some chickpeas and made a salad with some baby lettuce, red onion, and goat's cheese.  Simple, and accompanied by a chianti.  

Today we're listening to Father Knows Best, the old radio show.  It is really good!  Strange how some things will always be relevant, like the importance of being frugal, and being a good neighbor.  It's allowed us to have some good laughs, while also attending to other things.  I've written some letters that I need to mail tomorrow, and Garret has been reading a bit.  Apparently we're decent multi-taskers today!  This week will be a little busy, getting ready for Christmas, but tis the season and I am enjoying every moment!


  1. Girl be looking for our Christmas card I am mailing them out Tuesday.

  2. I cannot wait! We haven't even picked out our Christmas cards yet...mainly due to being confounded by the presence of American Greeting Cards over Hallmark here. Hmm.