Friday, December 4, 2009

Joyfulness. Happiness. Glee.

Oh yes, after having resisted for a few months I finally looked online to sit and watch an episode of Glee.  And seriously?  If I (when I get exhausted and hopped up and throw on a dress and boots and dance to hippie music like I'm at a Woodstock Revival...ahem, nevermind) were a t.v. show, I think this would come close.  Mild normal drama?  check.  Sexual tension? (from when I put on my new shade of red lipstick and the husband can do nothing but come close to my lips and breathe.....more on the color I found later).  check.  And finally breaking out into random bursts of song and dance?  Check!  

A friend from college once compared my family to The Partridge Family.  Yes, we sing, dance, play instruments and act.  Over Thanksgiving we were decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog (yes, it's like the freakin' Brady Bunch) when my youngest brother started singing "Noel".  I joined in, then my Daddy, then my other brother, then my Grandmama, then my mother as G looked on amazed.  Our genetics allow our voices to blend and we totally could have been a t.v. show.  Later we were dancing to "Jingle Bell Rock" like we were young again with my 2 youngest brothers following my lead as we quickly choreographed a dance.  We were full of glee!

So yes, now I'm addicted to yet another show and we're only 6 episodes in.  But....the night is young!


  1. I'm glad you jumped on board! I think anyone who enjoys musicals will enjoy this. My entire family watches it! :D

  2. Bobbi, you need to watch it. I resisted because I thought, "No way in hell am I watching it." Then I watched one, then another episode after another. It's addicting.

    Laura, it's fantastic, you should have mentioned it earlier! :)