Friday, December 4, 2009

Things That Make The Season Bright

I went a little crazy at the commissary.  Okay, a lot crazy.  I was nearly in tears as I gathered up chestnuts with absolutely no idea how to roast them without an open fire.  I collected a bag of various nuts, and then took off on a spree around the store.  In the end I had several things that weren't Christmas-y (such as Pellegrino that they finally got in after being out for about a month), but the majority were meant for this season:
  • Bag of oranges for mulled wine.
  • Nuts and chestnuts.
  • Wilkin & Sons Christmas Preserve (black currants, victoria plums, damsons plums, sultanas.....yum!)
  • English Clotted Cream (I about died when I saw it!  No more having to whip up my own fake version)
  • An acorn squash for a weekend dessert.
G and I are both missing Christmas in England.  The Christmas Fayres, the cheerful carolers, the Santa Run for the Children's hospice, the mulled wine and the chance to speak French to the vendors.  But this year we are thankful that we'll have Christmas with our families.  Next year there is a good chance G will be deployed, so we are remaining grateful for this year.  And who knows?  Four years from now we may indeed be back in the land of Olde.  Right now I'm making do, and making Christmas as we knew it come alive here.


  1. You do live a very chic life. I am a bit envious. I would put all that stuff on my grocery list only I wouldn't know what to do with it when I got it. I do know what to do with Pellegrino, I drink it. Enjoy your Merry Olde English Christmas here in the states.

  2. Would you share your recipe for mulled wine? I've been dying to make/try some!

  3. La Balette--if you ever need any advice on how to use something up, let me know! I am very much into spreading the knowledge!

    Bobbi--The preserve was over the top amazing! Tasted similar to cherry preserves that my mother gets for us from a local couple back home.

    Tine--I just posted a post I had been working on a while back. Let me know what you think!