Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet Bingley

We picked up this guy from craigslist, and I think he makes a nice addition to our home.   I will be keeping an eye out for fabric to recover him with.  For now he gives G a place to rest as he watches me search for something in our closet.  I thought it was about time we added another male to the home....

But I caught him snuggling with our new afghan!  I think he'll fit in just fine.  A man with a sensitive side is always nice!


  1. Kalee both these items are lovely - the cabinet looks just your style and I love the lines of the chair. You have a good eye!

  2. I LOVE this chair. Good thing I don't live near you or I'd probably steal it :) Good job!

  3. Once again your great taste shines through!

  4. Jean-- Thank you! I loved the "bones" of this chair!

    Laura-- you really should become as obsessive as I am about craigslist. I imagine Kansas City probably has some amazing vintage pieces.

    Ann-- Thank you! It's good to know when you visit I won't be one of those women worrying her MIL thinks her taste is horrid and will criticize the home as soon as she leaves!

    Bobbi-- Thanks!