Friday, January 8, 2010


When I first started this blog it was to hold myself accountable to the woman I am, not the woman others perceive or want me to be.  I cannot tell you how great an adventure this has turned out to be.  I now "know" many women all over the country and the world.  I'm secure in the fact that there are not many places we could move that I wouldn't be able to find a friend or two.  And throughout the last year and a half I've changed.  And this blog has let me document that, to keep on the path I am on.

I love nice things, only now I think before I purchase.  I ask myself if I can wait until it goes on sale.  I ask myself if I could make it, or find something similar that would work just as well.  Usually one of those questions is an easy yes.  Many times I find the things I was looking for in thrift stores.  G and I own some beautiful paintings, and a print.  Most of those were either free or less than $10 (and one is worth several hundred).  We still spend big on some items, but we save for them.  I'm hoping to buy 2-3 tufted wool rugs in the spring.  And my leather biker coat finally went on sale.  Sure it's still a whole lot more than I want to spend, but at least it's no longer over $1000.  But I'm waiting, in no hurry.

The main change I've noticed in myself is that I've found that my version of a chic life does not rely on things, but experiences.  Sure, owning nice things is great, but being able to tell a story about the crazy way I acquired them is more fun.  I love to sit in coffee shops with my husband, but now you will also generally find me with needles in hand, whether I am embroidering or knitting.  I'm proud that I am slowly learning to do things to help my house sustain itself on less.  I'm learning to sand down, and then re-stain or paint furniture.  I'm learning how to can and freeze so that some things we love can be enjoyed year round from our stock rather than buying unripe or out of season from the store.  I'm learning to sew so I can make things for my home, and for those I love.  

What these changes mean is that I am still the same, just more capable.  More capable with my hands.  More capable with our finances (we're able a bunch).  More capable to see the possibilities around me.  So the blog will be evolving a bit.  I'm hoping to post more how to's, more recipes.  If you have any questions about something you've seen, a recipe you'd like, or just a question about me, please e-mail me (kaleemarie @ yahoo)  or leave a comment.  


  1. I think these are such admirable changes! I love the ideas you have about how to sustain your house on less (the canning and freezing to not buy out of season is a great idea!). I look forward to the how to's and recipes! Thanks for sharing them. :)

    I also love your sense of style and how you rock your outfits in the pictures. Always makes me smile and inspires me to feel find some combinations that make me feel that confident! :)

  2. I love your blog - so any changes, as long as you bring your unique "Kalee-perspective" to them are fine by me! I would love to know how you feel you have changed from your first posts - and perhaps what do you think it is that caused this shift in opinion?


  3. Kaycee-- I don't know you and I already love ya! What a great boost for my confidence! I will most definitely be sharing as I learn my new skills!

    J-- I think that would be a good post, and something I've thought of doing. Hmmm.