Monday, January 18, 2010

Classy Sexy

The other night we had a get together with G's classmates. (G is taking on Staff Sgt. soon and so he's in ALS finishing up.)  I was told it was at a brewery, but at the last minute told instead it was at Dave and Busters.  Which is like a Chuck E Cheese for grownups.  It's not my scene, so I was dreading it, but I asked G what he wanted me to look like.  He said he would like me to look classy, but sexy.  Okay, that works.  

Close up of the tights.

Definitely a more bold choice than I normally would choose with tights, but G loved them so much we actually went back and picked up a spare pair in case these tear (they're a thicker fabric, so probably not any time soon.)  

Dress:  Old Navy
Cardigan:  Gap
Tights:  Target (bought the other day for less than $5!)
Boots:  Kenneth Cole Reaction
Silver beaded necklace I threw on later:  Noa Noa

How have your outfits been lately?  Feeling in a winter slump?  Loving the cool weather for it's layering possibilities?  Or perhaps in a warmer climate and appreciating the lack of snow?  


  1. As usual - LOVE the blue stockings! Definitely meets the classy but sexy criteria! How did the night go? Hope you enjoyed yourself - and made all G's classmates envious!


    PS LOVE the new blog template! That was a surprise - springing it on us with never a word!

  2. I really like the new look of the blog! Well done!

    I happen to like outerwear, so I don't mind winter as long as it's not storming outside. I have a navy blue peacoat which I wear if it's not too cold, an off-white parka with hood and a longer brown park (no hood but detachable faux fur collar). We got some more snow today, so it was the white parka. I also love pashminas (even if they are not so 'fashionable' any more - I still see lots of people wearing them).

  3. i have those exact tights!!

    except, HAD, because mine tore after first wear!