Monday, January 18, 2010

This Beauty

Will be in my home soon!

We're slowly putting the home together, bit by bit, and I am loving every second of finding that things that just belongs.  

*EDIT*  This is a wool rug from  We're planning on putting it in the sitting room and using it as a focal point of centering the conversational area.  I love the giant, blown up damask!


  1. Is that for wallpaper? A feature wall? Or furniture fabric?? Either way I love it - and it will give you so much scope to decorate around too.....I'm looking forward to seeing in what way you used it in your home!


  2. Very nice - is that where you got the inspiration for the new look on your other blog? Very pretty!

  3. Kaycee--Thanks!

    J-- I'm editing it to explain, I literally hit publish as I was running out the door!

    Patricia-- I stumbled across the new layout just today (and am thinking of changing up this one as well). I picked this piece out about a week ago, and got lucky when today was the last day for $1 shipping, and it was an additional $25 off today from yesterday!