Monday, January 11, 2010


My lovely friend J pointed out in a recent comment so many things I've alluded to and never followed up on.  I know, I'm a bit of a flaky blogger sometimes.  Part of it's because I forget and part is because well, I don't follow through on some things.

The ideas for our home are the same.  In fact if nothing else, they've become more dramatic.  I like rooms that make statements, that are warm, but also stylish.  Everyone keeps telling me that once we have kids those things either become less important or too hard to maintain, but I'm of the stubborn set who thinks that highly unlikely.  I tend to be very absorbed in what I do, and my idea of kids in my living/sitting room are pretty strict.  We plan on having a dresser under a mirror for some storage and one of the bottom drawers will be a toy drawer.  If it doesn't fit in there at the end of the night it better be up in their room.  Hopefully at some point we might have a play area to help keep the toys out of the formal spaces.  I still want dark wall, but probably not in this home.  But I do still plan on going with the navy/sapphire blues with greys and whites in our bedroom/sitting area.  We're still using our furniture from before, as well as bedding, as I work more on the living space.  But the bedroom is next!

Ahh, the 30 day shred.  I am fully disclosing that I am embarrassed to say I haven't started it yet.  I set the deadline for tonight though to drop the 5 lbs or so I gained over the holidays and I will be sure to let you all know.  I got busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas and just let it slide.  

As for my writing, I definitely want to share it when I've got enough to share.  I'm extremely self critical (I try and avoid showing that here on the blog, but I really am my own worst enemy) and G barely gets to see any of it.  But I do want to share some once I've gotten to a point that I need feedback.  

And as for the homemade gifts, I did some, and others I never got to.  We left early for Christmas and I didn't get some finished (they needed to be done right beforehand since they were food things).  And once we got home and got snowed in I gave up on it and decided to finish them here and send as good to see you/wish we could have seen you gifts.  My mother's birthday gifts I can share, because she loved them!  Look for a post tomorrow on this!

I'm actually in the process of finishing up my nieces dolls to send to her this week for her birthday.  I'm also making a gift for her mother that I am excited about, and will gladly do a tutorial.  Other than that I have been knitting up a storm.....I taught myself while killing time waiting for G one day, and although I only know one stitch I need to finish one scarf (have to look up how to do that!) and I'm about halfway through one for myself.  I made a grey one over Christmas for my brother (the one that needs finishing) and once it's done I will be sure to post pics and links to where I got the info to do it!

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback so far!  I've got a ton of pics to post of things around the house, but most will be posted on my home blog, so be sure to come on over for a visit!


  1. I know about running out of time before christmas on those sewing projects! I unfortunately didn't get my niece and nephew's santa sacks done in time! They are 11 months old and 2 weeks old respectively - so I don't think they will notice....but I did and felt bad. especially when their siblings had the ones I made for them over the last few years. But I am now determined to finish them early this year - and not wait until November/December to pick them up again!

    I would love to see some of your other work. I taught myself to crochet this year, with the help of a colleague and I loved learning a new skill. But I'm waiting until winter comes back to work with wool again!


  2. I am always appalled at people who allow their children to take over the entire strewn around the public areas as if that were just an extension of the children's playroom. And then those parents tell you that you will see when you have children that its impossible to have it any other way! Whatever...the way my brother and I were raised is living proof that parents can contain their children's toys...when we were done with something we were made to put it away..if we didn't we were threatened with having it trashed! We were taught that our rooms were where our possessions belonged and that the rest of the house belonged to our parents and that they were the ones in control of it.

  3. J-- I really need to finish a lot of what I started. It's been embarrassing to have so many projects almost done but not quite!

    Eurochic-- Thank you! I'm glad I'm not alone. I really don't get these parents who let their kids take over everything and every place. Who wants to visit a home that they have to worry about stepping on a toy every step they take?