Monday, January 11, 2010


To my lovely readers:

What are you favorite types of posts?  I've gotten responses previously that some awesome women like my fashion posts, and others like more cooking posts.  I am not the greatest photographer (I have a simple point and click, saving for the SLR) so I haven't been doing much of these lately (since we don't have as much natural light here in the winter).  But I enjoy both and wanted some feedback, if you would be so kind.  I'm considering changing my format, making certain days for certain things so that readers who like one thing will know when to check back.

So shout out what you're interested in.  Also, taking questions still, so let me know if they is something I can help you with, something you'd like to know about me, etc.



  1. I am never any help with these kind of queries as I prefer to read about whatever it is that you want to write about. To me there is more energy, authenticity and vitality when you are writing what you want to write rather than writing what we want to hear. Sorry I was no help.xoxo

  2. Hello Kalee, well, I'm not going to be much help as I like ALL your posts! I like the cooking and the fashion and the household stuff! I find it so interesting that you are so clued up at such a young stage in your marriage - it took me forever! :0)

  3. La Belette-- I definitely will always write about what I want to write about (I mean, I do like to ramble on). I'm looking more for what the readers might like to see more of on top of what I write daily. For example, I might have an all day baking marathon and chat about that, but if they want to see what I wear while cooking (always a pretty apron people, that's the fun!) then I can post that as well.

    Patricia--- Thank you! I'm glad someone enjoys all of them.....I always love your comments! I think my being "clued up" is because I am a person who decides what I want my life to look like 20 years from now and I'm working towards that. But I fail so much of the time, I just don't post much about those!

  4. Like the other two I am not much help. :) You are on my feed reader and I read them all. I am a picture person myself, so I always love when a post has a picture to go with it. Seems more personal to me. I am most likely to respond and comment when there is a question that sparks my interest or makes me feel like I have something to say. Hope that helps a little! :)

  5. Yeah I really like it when you post pictures of everything too :)

  6. Hey!

    Like everyone else, I like all your posts.......I suppose I like and identify with your perspective on things, so whatever you write about - even if it's not a particular topic I have a deep interest in - is still interesting as it is your perspective. But as you specifically asked for points, here are some thoughts I have (but I love your blog - so these are minor things!)

    1) I would love to know is "followup" on some things - for example you mentioned all your plans to decorate your new home and those lovely room example pictures before you left the UK, but since then there have only been little mentions? I would love to hear if your plans have changed or if you are still sticking with those ideas in your decorating scheme. You mentioned some other things too - like planning to do the 30 day shred or sharing some of your writing with us someday, and tantalising hints of some home made Christmas gifts you were planning to make?? I would love to hear what happened to those things - even if in some you decided not to go ahead and do/finish it, I would be interested to know why (in case I ever want to do/not do it!!)

    2) In the same "follow up" vein as above in your first post you shared some things you love. I would be interested to know, as you grow and change if this list still applies? Or if you would add more/less to it?

    3) I love the pictures as well, they sometimes illustrate your point better than words can - the fashion photos for example. I never would have thought blue tights could work until I saw your photo and instantly craved some myself! The cooking ones are lovely too - very homey. And when you use photos/links from other sites to show home decorating ideas or things you want, I love it.....and want to go shopping!!

    4) Regular posts on "baking monday" or "french friday" or "fashion thursday" or "Book review 1st of the month" could be good fun, now you mention it - but would it be constricting or limiting for you?

    Hope these ideas help - but of course feel free to ignore them as they probably deserve it.....but please keep blogging!